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    Satellite flexo printing machine advantages and disadvantages
    發布時間:2017年12月26日 關鍵詞:溫州創信機械有限公司

    Satellite flexo printing machine advantages and disadvantages; in the seventies of last century, satellite flexo printing machine flexo printing technology in the printing plate and ceramic anilox technology breakthrough, the satellite flexo printing machine Begin to get rapid development. At that time, most packaging and printing in Europe and the United States turned to flexo printing. Therefore, our country has also introduced related flexo printing equipment from abroad since the nineties and has been rapidly developed and applied in recent years.

    Satellitic flexo presses are sometimes also common to impression cylinder flexo printers, with each of the printing units being mounted between two wall panels around a common impression cylinder, with the printing material being carried around a common impression cylinder Color printing.

    Because of the direct drive of the satellite flexo press, the satellite flexo press, regardless of paper or film, can be overprinted, even with no special controls, and the printing process is stable and is often used Printing color products. It has been predicted that satellite flexo will be the new mainstream of 21st century flexo. The company is located in:

    Although the satellite flexo printing machine performance characteristics, but in the actual printing production, satellite flexo printing machine or there are some shortcomings. There are two main disadvantages, the following one by one for your narrative. The company is located in:

    The first, to be expected after satellite flexo printing machine, only one-sided printing. Although it is possible to print on the other side by the guide rollers, it is very difficult to register double-sided printed images because the tape runs too long and its tensile deformation is increased and uneven. Therefore, in the satellite flexo printing machine, a used film material, printed by the longitudinal hot air tightness, made of both sides by the pattern of bags.

    Second, the distance between each printing unit of the satellite flexo printing machine is too short, and the ink is easy to rub dirty when the ink is badly dried. Developed in recent years, UV and UV / EB flexo ink printing by UV or UV / EB light can be instantaneous drying, the basic solution to the rub dirty problem.