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    Flexographic printing machine features?
    發布時間:2017年12月26日 關鍵詞:溫州創信機械有限公司

    Flexographic printing machine features? The reason why the flexo printing machine made rapid, in addition to the technical breakthroughs on the plate, ink, its own characteristics are attractive to the user an important reason.

    1, the machine structure is simple, so easy to operate, and easy maintenance. The same function of flexographic printing machine price is about 30-50% of offset or gravure printing machine.

    2, the reasons for the strong adaptability of materials, from 0.22mm plastic film to 10mm after the corrugated cardboard can be satisfied with the printing results.

    3, printing pressure is small, about 19.6-39.2N / square centimeter, especially corrugated paper and a class can not withstand excessive pressure of the printing substrate.

    4, printing costs are low, mainly due to the cheaper machines, plate making costs low, the rate of damage in the printing process is low, the cost of production 30-50% cheaper than the gravure printing.

    5, printed good quality. The use of anilox inking ink system short ink path, not only simplifies the ink system structure, but also to achieve quantitative control of film thickness. High-performance photosensitive resin version of the technical breakthrough, greatly improving the resolution of the plate and the dot reproduction (up to 1-95%). Flexo to achieve 130 lines / in color level draft printing, printing excellent results.