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    Why satellite flexo printing machine is considered the most environmentally friendly printing method
    發布時間:2017年12月26日 關鍵詞:溫州創信機械有限公司

    Why satellite-type flexo printing machine is considered the most environmentally friendly printing; With the development of the market, the supporting market will quickly catch up, I believe satellite-format flexo printing machine in the future China's packaging and printing market will have a larger Between development, satellite flexo printing will be the mainstream of the printing field in the future!

    In the domestic printing business philosophy in the concept of environmental protection is gaining in popularity, they are also gradually explore the business to enable long-term development of the recipe. In the meantime, many end-users have begun to demand that printing companies use flexographic presses for product packaging。

    In the export product packaging, foreign countries on the packaging of residual solvent has strict rules. Environmental protection has become one of the motivations for printing companies to purchase flexographic printing equipment. Another incentive for businesses to purchase flexo equipment is to increase productivity. In the past, the fastest printing speed of gravure printing machine for pre-printing of cartons was about 120m / min, while that of satellite flexo printing machine was nearly 200m / min, and the efficiency was improved by nearly 30%. Cost is always one of the priorities of the business. For flexo machines can reduce product costs. Gravure printing machine for the paper is very picky, requires good smoothness and appropriate water content. Most gravure printing paper procurement costs are an average of 4200 ~ 4500 yuan / ton; while the flexographic printing press for the paper is relatively lower requirements, adaptability. Use the price of 3,000 yuan / ton of paper can meet the production requirements, thus reducing the cost of 30% of the substrate. In addition, satellite flexo printing machine equipment overprint accuracy. Because the tape is tightly wrapped around the center impression cylinder, the tension is constant, eliminating the need for an automatic register control system. The structure of the machine is good, the use of stable performance. Simple structure, short distance between embossing points, can improve overprinting quality。

    The benefits of using a satellite flexo press are many, as satellite-based flexo presses gain unattainable levels of performance from other printing devices, whether in terms of performance, efficiency, quality or functionality