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    Satellite flexo printing unit printing unit What are the characteristics?
    發布時間:2017年12月26日 關鍵詞:溫州創信機械有限公司

    Satellite flexo printing unit printing unit What are the characteristics? Satellite flexo printing machine anilox roller, plate roller and the common central impression roller form a typical flexographic printing three-roll system. Three-roll unit flexo printing machine is generally a version of the roller center, anilox roller and impression roller sub-column on both sides to form an isosceles triangle structure. When the relative position of the three rollers is adjusted, the positions of the upper and lower rollers of the main rollers are adjusted. The positions of the rollers before and after the rollers can also be slightly adjusted, but the amplitude is small. As the anilox roller is adjusted to have an approximate diameter of the impression cylinder when adjusting the plate roller, the inking pressure of the anilox roller to the anilox roller and the printing pressure of the plate cylinder to the impression cylinder will have some mutual influence

    Satellite three-roll flexo printing machine is completely different, anilox roll, roll side by side mounted on a platform, with a common central impression cylinder to form a complete printing unit. Anilox roller and roller can be independently adjusted, the ink pressure and printing pressure unrelated, not implicated. To manually adjust the three-roll, for example, the operator first adjust the pressure on the anilox roller, adjust the screw along the direction of the distance between the two, the anilox roller toward the direction of the roller until the printing plate completely all the ink

    Secondly, adjust the distance between the plate roller and the impression cylinder and observe the increase of the dots in the printing sample. Finely adjust the clearance between the two rollers to minimize the increase of the dots. Finally fine-tune the anilox again, as the first time adjusting the anilox roller is visually based on whether the printing plate is fully inked, so in general the pressure is always larger, at this time we should roll the same version of anilox roller Clearance adjustment larger, as long as the ink on the plate to keep on the line. So you can determine the basic three-roll adjustment in place, you can lock the relative position of the three rollers