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    What are the features of the central impression cylinder for satellite flexo presses?
    發布時間:2017年12月26日 關鍵詞:溫州創信機械有限公司

    What are the features of the central impression cylinder for satellite flexo presses? The central impression cylinder is the heart of the satellite flexo press. The double-layer structure of the castings, built-in water circulation system, the drum surface using precision machining, strict control of the drum radial runout error, the general control within ± 0.01mm. Foreign satellite flexo press manufacturers do not have the ability to process the central impression cylinder, many companies commissioned a professional manufacturing company processing, and manufacturing companies have different precision, the greater the drum diameter, the error control more difficult Big.

    The surface of the impression cylinder is coated, and the quality of the treatment layer directly affects the corrosion of the roller surface caused by the condensation water. The central impression cylinder's built-in water circulation is not just a cooling system, it is also a constant temperature control system with a control accuracy of ± 0.6 ° C. The purpose of this system is to control the expansion of the metal body in the direction of the diameter of the large drum

    In the normal printing process, since each printing unit is surrounded by the central impression cylinder, the printing substrate is tightly adhered to the surface of the central impression cylinder, and the inter-color-group dryer is installed between adjacent printing units. Such a dryer, Drying with hot air or UV drying, will produce a lot of heat, the heat conduction to the drum surface, is bound to cause the drum surface temperature, and then cause the metal body expansion, resulting in large drum radial runout error increases from In this sense, the built-in water circulation system is mainly a cooling system

    However, due to changes in the ambient temperature of the printing press, cooling of the recirculating water is also taken into account in heating in winter, so the system is often equipped with heating means. After setting the basic temperature control value, through the temperature detection, using P.I.D control mode to adjust the circulating water temperature. The central impression cylinder thermostat with the satellite flexo printing machine main power supply are often divided, when the host shutdown, the thermostat control device can not be shut down, you must maintain long-term power. If for any other reason the thermostat must be de-energized, the central impression cylinder must be switched on after the power has been switched on for a period of 4 to 8 hours, at least 2 hours if the production time is not permissible