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    Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of satellite flexo printing machine
    發布時間:2017年12月30日 關鍵詞:溫州創信機械有限公司

    Satellite flexo printing machine | flexo printing machine; Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of satellite flexo printing press, flexo flexo satellite printing machine is less used in China and The development is also slow, which has a great relationship with the industry's understanding and historical reasons. It is an imprinting, rolling, common type of press that has only one impression cylinder. This type of paper can not change the paper route, the printing line is short, but due to the need to share the impression of the intermediate cylinder higher, so when the number of units too much, the machine will look very heavy benzene.

           However, the advantages of satellite flexo printing machine is actually very much, except for the high accuracy of overprint, speed and other advantages. In printing large areas of color when in fact there is a very big advantage, this is comparable with the intaglio printing. Another advantage is that users are concerned about the issue of energy consumption issues, due to flexographic printing institutions, ink, the amount of ink and other relationships, do not need too much heat, both printed parts will be completely dried.

           So usually a 8-color flexo printing machine, the speed of 300m / min under the premise of the electric heating power used does not exceed 80km / hour. Other printing methods usually require more than 150kw / hour of energy consumption. Even higher. For the current situation is not optimistic about the domestic electricity situation, this can be a very good news。

           Of course, satellite flexo printing machine still has its drawbacks. Mainly in the print restore, although the line can be printed to 175 products, but the associated costs rise, the overall application of the same offset, gravure and so there is a gap. When printing a high number of products. Is powerless. This is a common problem flexo, but also the most in need of improvement。