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    Why satellite flexo printing machine in the field of packaging a wide range of applications
    發布時間:2018年01月02日 關鍵詞:溫州創信機械有限公司

    Satellite flexo printing machine in the field of packaging is widely used, which is due to its own number of advantages of the decision. In theory, the satellite flexographic printing machine than the unit flexo Zhan machine or gravure printing machine can get a higher overprint accuracy.

    1.Almost all materials

    Suitable for printing almost all materials, especially stretchable packaging materials. Due to the central impression cylinder, some materials that are difficult to control in tension on a unit flexo press have similar or less similar problems on satellite flexo seating.

    2.The price is more competitive

    The same manufacturer of the production of the width, color, printing materials and other major technical parameters and functions of the same satellite flexo printing machine, generally less than the price of M-type printing press 15% to 20%. This is a common situation for large foreign machinery manufacturers 

           The use of satellite flexo printing soft package products have the following advantages: The use of soft polymer resin plate, not only reduce the plate making costs and shorten the plate making cycle, and because of the plate making level and plate making technology, anilox roller has Can reach the level of the line, enough to meet the general needs of packaging and printing. The use of anilox transfer ink, anilox roller is both ink transfer roller and ink metering roller, and the ink can be accurately requested by the process requirements, the current use of laser engraved metal ceramic anilox roller has reached the level of line, for accurate Control ink and ink thickness provides an advantageous means. Zero-pressure printing, not only reduces the vibration and wear on the machine, but also reduces the wear and tear on the plate, in particular, is conducive to the printing of soft materials。

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